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16 sep 2021 om 16:15 Always too long waiting time, but burger is good. Fries is normally to fat and salty
13 sep 2021 om 5:32 Food at Grizzl is incredible, but when it comes to delivery, it really becomes deficient. I ordered the burger combo + fries and coke and they missed the fries and coke. I received them 30 minutes after. The burger also wasn’t the greatest, it was warmish
2 sep 2021 om 14:25 You’re the worst! I was promised a refund for your low quality food and service but never received it in my account
29 aug 2021 om 20:33 Lekker en snel service!
29 aug 2021 om 17:50 Lumpias let the rest of the the food down
10 aug 2021 om 18:56 Processed chicken instead of a chicken fillet in a 12-13 euro burger?!
5 aug 2021 om 17:53 Uur wachten op burgertje tussen de middag… :-(
15 jul 2021 om 20:33 De patat was bizar zout en de vegetarische hamburger had amper smaak. Bezorging ging verder goed.
23 jun 2021 om 10:22 Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar.